This is my journey and experience. A journey that is built on my passion to develop others, my passion to build brands and manage reputations, my love of food, the outdoors and a life of adventure. My journey is alive and shared on a daily basis, and all dreamed of from the time I was a child. My journey takes me around the continent and influences the person I am today. I am a sum of many parts – I am a business coach who is passionate about improving the economic outlook of farmers and the community, I build brands and manage reputations, I am a blogger, I am a travel enthusiast, I love my food and Aloe Vera, and I find peace in the outdoors.

It’s these passions that make me enjoy and love what I do, define who I am as a person and give me the ability to share my learnings with others. It’s my vision to inspire others to start and sustain their own successful journeys. I work with individuals and help them achieve the lives and lifestyles they have always wanted. I have been inspired by the people I have met along the way and my zeal to share my journey, experience, expertise and best practice motivated me to start this site.

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