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Evidence-based Communications

Evidence-based Strategy Development Evidence-Based Communications ends the guesswork

You have landed that role in communications and you know you have to come up with a communications strategy. In marketing and communications, strategy determination, planning, implementation and measurement of return on investment must always be #evidence-based. This methodology makes certain that all campaign plans are informed and based on reliable information.

A stakeholder poll will help you to find and or endorse essentials critical to developing your company’s communications strategy. In other words, the poll will help you to identify the existing stakeholder perceptions and therefore inform your strategy.

How do you go about getting that evidence?

  1. Compile an extensive list of your primary stakeholder groups :
    • Employees including senior management
    • Relevant media
    • Government and regulatory stakeholders
    • Customers
  2. Proceed and conduct a stakeholder analysis which includes feedback from:
Barbra Muzata

Business, communications and branding leader working in Africa and Middle East

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