Achieve your goals

Move To Achieve Your Goals

Most people have dreams – big dreams. The sad part is that the majority of us die with our dreams. We forget to take that step towards making our dreams a reality. We let the negativity that surrounds us weigh us down and scare us from taking that step.

I have big dreams.

One of them is to share my knowledge, experiences, and learning to empower others to become successful at what they do.  My goal is to lead my two girls by example. My goal is to learn from other women. That way I can improve my skills and those of others. My why is to make a positive impact in people’s livesbuild brands and change lives. I am where I am by God’s grace and because someone gave me a chance to make it in life.

What is your dream? What is your goal? What is your why?

How will I change lives?

  1. Identify opportunities that can benefit others around me.
  2. Identify individuals with potential and nurture them till they have built their brands.
  3. Identify women who have made it in business and get them to share their learnings and experiences. Sharing experiences proves that it can be done. Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it.
  4. Celebrate the victories achieved by peers.
  5. Finally, motivate others around me and give them hope.

Ever since I made a conscious decision to live my life and reach for my dreams, it is difficult for me to go to bed without doing that one task to edge me closer.

What task did you do today to move towards your goal? Remember…it does not happen by luck. Create your own opportunities. Implement and keep at it. Consistently.

If you would like to be part of an opportunity to invest and build a financially secure future for yourself, to create alternative income streams in a world where being financially secure can seem extremely difficult to achieve, send an email to I am looking for like-minded people to work closely with, who want to change their lives; earn an extra income, who are prepared to work & be coachable.

You will get a chance to start a business with real potential, an uncapped income and proven results whilst still being able to achieve the perfect work-life balance that everyone strives to achieve.

Barbra Muzata

Business, communications and branding leader working in Africa and Middle East

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