Life has many first times…

I am on the journey of finding out who I am and like everyone else, have experienced my fair share of FIRST times! The first time I landed in this world…., I was walking. The fact is, I came out feet first. I am told that my left foot came out first…on its own. The doctor took a glass of ice cold water and splashed it on the little foot. It quickly went back in…and the next time they saw it come out, was with its right counterpart.

The first time I found out that one is not allowed to eat in class was when my grade 1 teacher beat me up for eating in class… This is how the story unfolds… when my grade one teacher started drinking his tea and scone during our usual lesson, I took out my lunch box and STARTED EATING AS WELL… My actions earned me a good old spanking. I realised then that my sheltered life was changed forever.

The first time I realised I do not know everything was during my first few months at university, when I scored my lowest mark ever, an 8% in Quantitative Analysis for Business. I knew then that getting a degree was not going to be a walk in the park. Life was never going to be the same again.

The first time I realised that I am a determined individual was when I asked my former boss for funding for to advance my studies. He said no. I went back the next day, and the next, sent him an email, reminded him in person… until he was so annoyed that he reprimanded me for not taking no for an answer. Although I felt dejected, I still went back to him the following day. What do you think eventually happened? I got my funding. Yay!

I am where I am because of the learnings I pick up and embrace along the way.

… life continues to present many FIRST TIMES to me. I know that I am going places and I look forward to this journey. Come along with me and read my space….!

Barbra Muzata

Business, communications and branding leader working in Africa and Middle East

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