I talk to a minimum of ten people each day about them joining my network marketing business and sadly, I am noticing the lack of willingness to sacrifice, work hard, and the little belief that many aspiring business people have in themselves.

This is motivating me to work hard to prove by doing that even if there is something you are completely terrified of, you can succeed at it. It all depends on the magnitude of your hunger for success.

It is okay to start on a road that you have not traveled before – It will be okay. It does get better each time you get out of your comfort zone. It gets better each time you implement it. It really does.

Don’t worry about your lack of experience in the industry- if you’ve never done it before. It’s about the skill set you bring to your business, as well as your preparedness to put them to good use.

Don’t worry about rejection. That is part of the deal. Don’t worry about what people will say about you or about how they will perceive you.

I joined the business with zero experience and there have been times when I have been scared, nervous when I have doubted I am making the right decisions. Those times have come numerous times and have passed. The more I implement and DO, the more my skill, confidence, and passion has grown.

I am lot of things but a quitter…is not one of them. What’s the secret to my success? Prayer and persistence. I try and try again until I get it right. I keep at it until I get what I want. I hang on until I win. Have I failed along the way? Yes… failure is not a reflection of who I am, but rather an opportunity to learn. I pick myself up and get going again.

Do I meet obstacles along the way? Yes…lots of them, but so what? I push on, create my own content, and have fun along the way. I NEVER forget the reason I started the business… 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

Would you like to create additional income? Are you looking to gain more from life? Do you have dreams and aspirations waiting to be fulfilled? Do you crave financial freedom and independence? Do what you have always wanted to do. You can do anything you want. It will not be easy. You just have to be prepared to learn, grow, and develop. Be prepared to work hard to make your business work.

Barbra Muzata

Business, communications and branding leader working in Africa and Middle East

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